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SODIUM HYDROSULPHIDE hydride chemical properties

Release time:2013.2.18

SODIUM HYDROSULPHIDE hydride chemical properties

A, solution show alkaline

NaHS to the corresponding acid H2S is very weak acid, so HS - hydrolysis degree greater than its ionization degree that the solution show alkaline.

Second, because H2S is weak acid and in normal temperature is gas, so NaHS can and strong acid reaction, generating H2S gas. And HS - is weak sour type root, and can tell OH - reaction, generating sulfur ion. Can say NaHS can with acid reaction and reaction with alkali.

Third, the compound of sulfur element in the lowest state, so NaHS also has reducing, and reducing also is very strong, can tell a lot of material to react. Such as: Fe3 +, acidic conditions with hypochlorous acid, nitric acid root, with sulfurous acid, high fierce acid radical, etc.

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